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Goth Tweed Collection

Welcome to the flashback of my teenage angst. I was a goth kid in high school. I didn’t own anything that wasn’t black, black-adjacent, and probably gave my parents heart attacks regularly. Swipe through to see the only pic you’ll see of me that was the beginning of this era. I think I was 14 here.

Robert Smith was my crush.

We all wanted Winona Ryder from Heathers as our best friend.

And Siouxsie Sioux was the ultimate cool girl.

The Goth Tweed collection preorder will stay open for a week, unless I hit capacity sooner.  It will stay open through Wool & Folk so if you're out there and don't see a color you want you'll still have a chance to get it through the preorder.

I'm estimating a 4-8 week shipping window, and will ship as orders come ready.

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