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Pointy Nails Tweed DK
Pointy Nails Tweed DK

Pointy Nails Tweed DK


All I ever wanted in high school were long pointy fingernails. Back then the thought of doing that was scandalous. At my high school, if you had fake acrylic nails they were the pink and white ones that looked like a French manicure.

It’s funny how fashions come around. Now, everyone has long, pointy fingernails and I can’t function if my natural nails are even a hair long. At least I can still admire them.

So today’s colorway in in honor of those long, pointy, PURPLE fingernails I always wanted. Meet Pointy Nails!!

85% Superwash Merino, 15% Donegal Neps; 231 yards/100 grams

Listing above is for one skein only. All skeins are individually dyed with acid dye, washed and rinsed, however some bleeding may still occur. Each skein is unique and therefore colors may vary slightly from one to the next. Due to monitor differences, actual colors may also vary from what is shown. I recommend handwashing in cool water.