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About Us

Hi there!  I’m Courtney the proud owner and dyer of Silly Goose Yarns.  I’m a California native who found herself transplanted to Minneapolis smack in the middle of winter.  Although I fiddled around with some straight needles and yarn when I was younger, I really started knitting during the COVID pandemic and jumped right in.  Within just a few months, there were multiple WIPs, yarn stuffed in every drawer and crevice in our apartment and way too many test knits happening.  Like so many others, I also found myself unemployed during the pandemic and with too much time on my hands.

So I bought more yarn. And talked about knitting to my husband Edward.  And bought more yarn…..One day Edward suggested I start my own yarn business.  There was no way I was going to argue with that.  I mean, buy more yarn and dye it in colors I dreamt about?  OK!!  BE RIGHT BACK!!

What’s my favorite color?  Well, it’s black.  I was a goth kid in high school whose wardrobe consisted of varying shades of black.  Maybe a little red thrown in for variety.  Oh, and pink is also my favorite color.  For yarn I love a rainbow of color!  Speckles and variegated yarns make my little heart sing.  I’m still developing a relationship with solids.  But it’s getting stronger each day!

And what about that name?  The name is in honor of my first dog Tina Ballerina.  When Edward and I became a couple and moved in together, that was the nickname he gave her.  She was a stubborn princess of a dog, who refused to acknowledge anyone not in her inner circle, but who brought incredible amounts of joy and love to those she deemed worthy.  Even in her old age she was still spunky, running around like a silly little goose, smiling and happy to see us every time we walked in the door, even if we were only gone for five minutes.  Sadly, she crossed the rainbow bridge in January of 2022, but her memory carries on each day